EverBe’s Public Parks, Green Spaces, and Pathway Systems

Jan 13, 2023 | News

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Imagine a community where you can find relief from the stresses of everyday life. Reconnect with family and friends and renew your connection to nature as a vital source of rest, rejuvenation, and solitude. Envision a haven from the outside world that is a place to nurture families, encourage personal growth and reflection, and invite opportunities for new friendships and community engagement.

This is the vision behind EverBe’s unique, thoughtfully designed community site plan. Public parks, green spaces, and pathway systems, unrivaled among neighboring Central Florida urban areas, will weave throughout the neighborhood.

Quality of life is of the utmost importance here and time slows down for those who savor a rich lifestyle rooted in meaningful experiences that can’t be found elsewhere.

“In designing EverBe, our goal is to focus on timeless experiences you have with family, friends, and neighbors. We intend to foster that through spaces throughout the community that create moments of rest and solitude from the outside world.”
– Chris Wrenn, Director of Forward Planning, Pulte Group

Pulte intentionally designed the EverBe community to feature an open space system that is all about connectivity. Miles of trails and open spaces are in abundance throughout the community, fostering an active, healthy outdoor lifestyle.

Wide pathways designed for walking, jogging, cycling, and scooters are woven throughout the neighborhood. Alongside these 12–15 foot multi-use pathways are protected, natural wetland areas that offer moments of rest, reflection, exercise, and recreation. Punctuating these pathways will be sculptural accents, shade structures, swings, and custom-designed seating, as well as native plants and bursts of natural floral color.

EverBe trail and green space map

The extensive linear park system is the defining element of the master design, drawing inspiration from European origins and incorporating four themes: wind, light, water, and garden. According to Chris Wrenn, Director of Forward Planning for Pulte Group, this approach facilitates connectivity within the community. “The linear park system acts as a main corridor for the community,” he explains. “It connects the trails and amenities and park spaces throughout EverBe and is a major pedestrian connector—it encourages people to live on their front porch and facilitates social interaction among neighbors.”

“Community open, green space is socially valuable. [Living in a walkable] neighborhood [offers] parks and open green spaces that draw people outside and foster social interactions.”
– Green Streets and Community Open Space/epa.gov

Small parks will also be integral to the design, including multi-purpose spaces conducive to work and play. Pet-friendly areas and playgrounds, as well as green spaces, will all be well-suited for a variety of activities from public events to intimate gatherings.
In addition, EverBe will collaborate with the City of Orlando to develop a 30-acre public park space for both residents and the East Orlando community to enjoy.

“The public green space will be the heart of the community and will be connected by linear parks, as well as connecting to satellite neighborhood recreational facilities,” Wrenn said. The park will tie into the Econ trail system, becoming part of a larger regional connection with residents of Orange County.

Lakefront Town Center

Within the EverBe community will be a charming town center with walking paths alongside waterways where residents can enjoy kayaking and canoeing activities. The main amenity area will have limited retail, meeting spaces, an all-ages aquatic center, a playground, and open lawns for events.

“Numerous studies have shown that parks and open space increase the value of neighboring residential property”
Trust for Public Land Whitepaper

The overall environmental design has been carefully curated to enhance hundreds of acres of wetlands and wetland plants, improve air and water quality, and provide peaceful access to nature. The project will be undertaken in a phased approach and currently, the design and hardscape are underway. The phased approach will also minimize disruption to existing residents as new phases are introduced.

“In designing EverBe, our goal is to focus on timeless experiences you have with family, friends, and neighbors,” said Wrenn. “We intend to foster that through spaces throughout the community that create moments of rest and solitude from the outside world.”

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