Living Your Best Life Naturally at EverBe

Apr 20, 2023 | News

Live your best life naturally at EverBe

It’s human nature to want to live better, beautifully, and gracefully. It takes a conscious effort to live responsibly in order to make the world around us better.

Nature is our muse and provides inspiration for living your best life naturally at EverBe. Intentional landscape design and planning respects and nourishes the hundreds of acres of surrounding native wetlands. These landscaping ideas promote air and water quality and protect the natural habitat of native birds and animals that reside here.

Along the pathway system that meanders adjacent to natural waterways and other water features, native cypress domes and essential islands of trees are being restored and cultivated to encourage future proliferation. These native trees remove carbon dioxide from the air to promote the highest positive environmental impact. They are also vital to water quality by providing essential nutrients for water filtration, serving to prevent flooding, protecting native wildlife species, and stabilizing the climate.

Thoughtful planning has also been given to landscaping throughout outdoor spaces at EverBe to ensure that eco-friendly, native plants and grasses are included with proper soil preparation to reduce the need for longer-term fertilization and irrigation.

Nature is our muse and provides inspiration for living your best life naturally at EverBe.

Environmentally friendly and healthy living

EverBe homes have also been designed with sustainability in mind—for the lowest possible carbon footprint and with an eco-conscious homebuyer’s interests at heart. From green building practices to energy-efficient building systems and high-quality master craftsmanship, every home is designed to ensure durability and promote an energy advantage.

Water use is optimized through low-flow toilets, while ENERGY STAR®-qualified appliances, compact fluorescent and LED lighting, and low-emissivity windows all help to save energy. Merv 15 air filters and programmable thermostats are among other energy-efficient features that promote an eco-conscious lifestyle. Antimicrobial paints and countertops are used in every home to support health and wellness. Smart technology for controlling thermostats, door locks, lights, garage door openers, and video doorbells is also available. In fact, the energy-efficient features of an EverBe home can be up to 30% more efficient than the average existing home, bringing you more comfort at a lower cost.

EverBe homebuyers can also take comfort in knowing that the manufacturers we partner with are industry leaders that strive for the same excellence as we do. These partners pursue environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategic initiatives in product innovation, which help protect the planet through reduced emissions and improved water and air quality, as well as reduced landfill waste.

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